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Benjamin de Winne (27) – volunteer Zwijnaarde/Oudenaarde, hosting hole 16.

7 maanden geleden
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Hello Benjamin, tell us a little bit more about yourself. Who are you, where are you from and which club are you member of?

My name is Benjamin de Winne and I’m 27 years old. I was born in Merelbeke, a village, south of Gent. My home club is ECPG Zwijnaarde and I’m a member of Oudenaarde as well.


What do you do in your day-to-day life?

I work as an educator in special youth care. I also play golf a lot and assist in lessons for children. Besides that, I’m a rapper and make hip hop music.


For how long have you been playing golf and what’s your current handicap?

I’ve been playing for almost five years now and my current handicap is 10.5.


What do you like most about golf?

The peace and calmness. I like the constant challenge and being able to play against anyone, without any disadvantage for yourself. Playing golf, you see many beautiful places, with many different environments and views.


What was your most beautiful golf experience or course that you played at?

The most beautiful experience for me, was at Costa Navarino Golf Club in Greece. Everything was taken care of in detail, it’s a fantastic course and the ambiance was pleasant. Other great experiences, in Belgium, were the smaller things, like children having the time of their life in my lessons. Children are the future, after all.


How did you end up at BKO and why did you want to cooperate?

I had been hearing rumors about the European Tour coming back to our country and then I received invitations from both of my clubs and Sport Vlaanderen.


Who is your favourite player and why?

My all time favorite is Rory McIlroy. I think he embodies everything a good golf player should have. Also, he’s a man who didn’t have a lot of money, growing up, and had to work hard for everything he’s achieved. His swing is perfect and he can be creative, if necessary.


What are you looking forward to the most during the event?

Finally being able to watch professionals play. At my home course, I’m the best player, according to the results, so I’m very curious what the top players will be like.


What makes BKO unique, according to you?

Combining match play and stroke play. I had been considering the idea of organizing an event like this myself, so it’s amazing to see this concept being implemented on the highest level.


Why should everybody go to BKO?

To get to know golf and to give our sport a chance. Golf can be cool!


The organization for volunteers for the Belgian Knockout is organized and coordinated by Golf Vlaanderen, in close liaison with Rinkven International Golf Club & PietersProductions. Besides the organization for volunteers, Golf Vlaanderen will commit to the promotion of the Belgian Knockout, to enthuse as many non-golfers as possible, for golf and the event.