22 November 2018

€ 8,000 to the Warmste Week!

The Belgian Knockout and Thomas Pieters raise € 8,000 for a Belgian charity event (Warmste Week).

Thomas Pieters gladly contributes to Music For Life during a week-long charity event.

He auctioned off a private one-hour golf lesson for 5 people during the Belgian Knockout 2018, all for the benefit of Kinderkankerfonds. Eventually Siegfried Decoster was registered as the highest bidder with an amount of € 5,200. Eventually, the amount was rounded off internally to € 8,000.

Kinderkankerfonds is a non-profit organisation that offers financial and psychological support to children with cancer, as well as to their families. Cancer affects more than 320 children in our country every year. Pieters would like to raise awareness for this great cause, as the fight against cancer hits close to home.

“I have seen my grandfather deteriorate quickly and eventually I lost him to cancer. I don’t think anyone can understand how children and their parents feel in situations like these. They need all the help they can get.” – Thomas Pieters

Cancer treatments increase the chances of recovery, but also take a toll on both child and parent. Kinderkankerfonds offers families financial resources, supports scien

tific research and organises numerous activities and projects to give children and families the necessary support.

In total, Music For Life raised a record amount of € 10,846,566 in 2017. We would like to thank Siegfried for his generous contribution to Warmste Week and welcome him and his guests at the Belgian knockout 2018.