31 January 2020

Belgian Knockout 2020

A renewed Belgian Knockout will be returning in 2020. After two successful editions, the tournament will no longer be part of the European Tour calendar. It will however be reoriented as national competition for amateur golfers. The competition will last for several months and work towards a single final day, on which a grande finale will be planned. Our three Belgian top golfers and BKO ambassadeurs Colsaerts, Pieters and Detry will remain involved with the event. Furthermore, a big majority of our current partners will participate in this tribute to Belgian golf.

The decision to no longer organise an international golf tournament, is a logical consequence of several simultaneous circumstances. The ball started rolling when no suitable date was immediately available to organise an event together with European Tour in Belgium.

The yearly period in which a professional golf tournament can be organised is especially limited in Belgium. The unpredictability of the weather limits this period to late spring and summer to guarantee optimal circumstances. Moreover, the date should to be outside of the summer holidays, to guarantee a fluent collaboration with volunteers and enable a wide audience of visitors. Finally, the date also has to fit within the schedules of our tournament ambassadors. The two dates that were proposed by the European Tour, did not meet these requirements, either the opening week of the Olympic games (in which all three BKO ambassadeurs will be playing), or the second week of august, in which a large part of our participants, partners, volunteers and visitors will be on holiday.

Additionally, there was an internal question around the realisations of previously set objectives. The main ambition of the Belgian Knockout had always been to give Belgian golf fans a unique experience.

“We are exceptionally proud of what we have been able to realise in the first two editions of the Belgian Knockout. We put Belgium back on the map in the highest level of the sport of golf, with a unique game formula. However, the unexpected success of the Club Knockout also taught us a lot about the priorities of the Belgian golf public”, says Jeremy Anciaux – CEO PietersProductions


To promote the BKO 2019 among Belgian amateur golfers, the Belgian Club Knockout was launched. The Belgian Club Knockout is a nation wide amateur competition, that runs several months with its grand finale on the last day of the Belgian Knockout, on the official Championship Course. The Belgian Club Knockout’s first edition was an instant success, with 60 participating golf clubs and over 2,000 amateur golfers competing! This was a clear signal that the Club Knockout, with its interactive, playful and inclusive character, offers golf fans a truly extraordinary experience and had a big potential.

Therefore, the idea came to life of combining the best elements of both concepts; The accessible character of the Belgian Club Knockout, combined with the interaction of our Belgian golf pro’s during the Belgian Knockout, into a renewed concept of the Belgian Knockout that is even closer to our ambition.

The Belgian Club Knockout 2020 will be a true tribute to the Belgian golf sport. Over 5,000 amateur golfers will be competing against each other, during an exciting competition which will run for several months towards one final day. The finalists will compete against our three Belgian golf pros during an unforgettable final battle, supported by friends, family and golfing Belgium.

The exact date will be announced soon, along with further information regarding the competition and the event itself. Keep a close eye on our social channels until then! Both the BKO organisation as our BKO Ambassadors, Colsaerts, Pieters en Detry, hope to welcome you all at the Belgian Knockout 2020!