7 May 2018

BKO x WAMP Leaderboard

There are less than two weeks left before the start of the very first edition of the Belgian Knockout (BKO). BKO is taking place at Rinkven International Golf Club, close to Antwerp. Starting May 17th there will be a four day battle till May 20th. The new head-to-head knockout format will increase the spectacle for players and visitors.

BKO is one of the first European Tour events that has its own custom leaderboard, due to its new format. WAMP collaborated with BKO and the European Tour to create a truly unique mobile scoreboard.

That exclusive positioning will represent an incredible opportunity for WAMP to reach more than 2.5 Million golfers worldwide. We will also launch our brand new Android version of the WAMP app at BKO, so be aware; WAMP is going global!