8 February 2019

Club Knockout – FAQ

On June 1&2, during the European Tour’s Belgian Knockout at the Antwerp International Golf Club Rinkven 60 amateur finalists will compete to win the Belgian Club Knockout.

There are 60 clubs have registered themselves in the competition. Each club will organize a 32- players tournament. From today, between 1,500 and 2,000 Belgian golfers will be playing matchplay in the club knockout tournament. On June 1, the 60 winners will meet at the front 9 of Rinkven Golf Club to compete for the Belgian Club Knockout Cup, while the pros will be playing on the back 9 for the BKO Cup.

Since this is the first time we organize this event, a lot of questions were raised, both by club captains and players. In this text you’ll find most of the answers. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help you make your tournament a success.


How do I know when to play?

To participate, you must have downloaded the WAMP-app on your smartphone.

If you haven’t: In the app-store, search ‘we are matchplay’. Follow the instructions and create your profile. When you fill in your federation number, the App will automatically add you to the right Club Knockout. Always make sure you have the latest version of the app: check ‘Update’.

To update, go to the AppStore again, search for “we are matchplay” and then the ‘Download’ button will show ‘Update’. Click ‘Update’.

Open the app, and it will show what the deadline is for your match to be played. For example, the first round must be played before the 3 March 2019 (18:00)


When do I know whom to play?

On February 11, your opponent will be shown on the top of the app, with his/her contact details. You two should get in touch and decide on the date of the match suitable to both of you, but make sure to play and submit your score before the deadline.


Some players have no smartphone. What should they do?

No problem. After playing the match, approach your club captain and tell him who won the match. The captain, then, can register the winning player.


Where do I play?

At your home club. But if you both agree on playing somewhere else, this is not a problem, as long as you submit the winner on time.


What are the rules of the format?

The format will be a Medal Match Play. The player with the best net stroke play score after 9 holes wins and goes to next round. The club winner is invited at the BKO on June 1.


How many strokes do I get?

The lowest handicapper gets no strokes, the highest gets ¾ of the difference with the low handicap.

E.g.: Marc Playing HCP10, plays against Veronique Playing HCP20, Marc will get no strokes and Veronique will get 8 strokes
(20 – 10 = 10 —› 75% of 10 = 7,5 —› round up = 8)

Let’s say we played the first round. Who has to submit the score and where? Only one player needs to submit the winner in the app:

  1. Click the ‘Go’ button behind the name of your opponent.
  2. Submit the winner.
  3. In case of a tie, the winner of the match will be based on the best net score on the last hole (cfr. Medal Match Play).
  4. Click the ‘Post’ button. Once your opponent has approved the match on his own app, the winner will automatically move to the next round.


Can I see the results of other matches?

Yes, you can follow all the scores, also of other clubs, on the BKO website in realtime!


Can we post pictures of our match?

Yes, you can. Thomas Pieters has promised to give away signed caps and shirts to people posting the most fun pictures.


If i win, when do I play the next round?

Same procedure. The App will show the opponent allocated to you.


How much time do we have?

Three weeks. Only the semi- club final and club final will have a two-week window instead of three.


What if I’m ready, and my next opponent isn’t?

If you finished your round, before your next opponent did, the app will show. Your time slot starts when you both are ready.


What if I’m the winner at my Club Knockout?

If you become a winner at the club final, you compete on the front 9 holes of the Championship Course at Rinkven International Golf Club on Saturday 1 June afternoon.
The best 8 players will go on to compete against each other in a Final 9-Hole Medal Match Play (net scores) on Sunday. That will be the exact same time when the pros compete for the official BKO title at the back nine holes of the Championship Course.