Belgian Club Knockout

In 2019, the Belgian Club Knockout was organized for the first time with the grand final at Rinkven during the 2nd edition of the Belgian Knockout. After many enthusiastic reactions from clubs and participants, we are proud to announce that, on behalf of Thomas Pieters, the Belgian Club Knockout will be organized again in 2021. A competition open to all Belgian golf clubs.

Competition design

The Club Knockout is the perfect opportunity for amateur golfers to (re)experience the knockout game formula. Not only will the participants compete for the Club Knockout title per golf club, they will also go home with beautiful prizes, offered by WAMP and its partners. 

In addition, each club winner from a participating club will qualify for the National Finals. During the national Pre-Final on Saturday morning, the club winners will compete for a spot in the Top 3. This Top 3 will advance to the Ultimate Final with Thomas Pieters on Saturday afternoon to determine the winner of the BCKO 2021.

Phase 01 & Phase 02

For each participating golf club, there is a competition table with an unlimited number of participants. Participants are automatically placed in the match table by the WAMP app and each player will play three Match Play matches (the ‘Preliminary Rounds’) against other club members. After the Preliminary Rounds, the top 16 (if tied, based on most Ups) advances to the next Phase.

In Phase Two, each round is played based on ‘Single Elimination Duels’. This is a one-on-one match, with the winner of each duel advancing to the next round. The loser drops out. Play will be according to the Match Play formula (Match Play over 9 holes – net score, 100% of strokes). The ‘Round of 16’ and ‘Quarterfinal’ will both last 2 weeks. The Semi-Finals and Club Final will last one week. 

Phase 03 (National Final)

Phase Three is the National Final where the winners of the various golf clubs will compete against each other.

Upon completion of everyone’s round in the morning, a cut will take place where the top 3 players will go on to compete in the flight with Thomas Pieters on Sunday afternoon to determine the ultimate winner of the BCKO 2021. 

The winner, together with his/her home club, will go down in history as the second winner of the Belgian Club Knockout – Edition 2021.

The Format

9-Holes Net Match Play
Match play is played on 9 holes, hole by hole, taking into account the net scores of the players
The player with the best net score on a hole, wins the hole.
In Phase 1, each player will play 3 preliminary rounds. At the end of this Phase, the best 16 players will advance to the next round. In the event of a tie (All Square), players will be ranked based on their final scores in the Match Plays. So players with the most "ups" will advance.
In Phase 2, each round will be played on the basis of a "single elimination" match. This is a one-on-one match, with the winner of each match advancing to the next round. The loser drops out.
During the 'Round of 16', quarterfinal, semi-final and club final, the following rules apply: In the event of a tie after 9 holes, the match will continue to be played in Sudden Death format, the first player to win a hole will win the match. The winner will submit the final score ‘1 UP’ in the App (without entering the details in the card).
The 3 Preliminary Rounds, the 'Round of 16' and the quarterfinal will be played over a 2 week period. The Semi-Final and Club Final will each have 1 week to be played.