Rinkven International Golf Club


HOLE 1 - PAR 4

Hole 1 starts on the left side of the driving range with a challenging drive alongside the hilly fairway. Long hitters can try to hit over the left hill, to keep a relatively short shot towards the green. The average golfer will, however, position his second shot for the green on the left, to attack this tricky green. A two-putt on this green isn’t easy!

HOLE 2 - PAR 3

For years, hole 2 is one of the signature holes of Rinkven: One long par 3 over an enormous water hazard. Whoever tries to hit the green in one single shot, better makes sure to have a long carry. Luckily, the hole can also be played on the right side. However, the slope on the green can cause a difficult up & down. Par is always a strong score here.

HOLE 3 - PAR 4

Hole 3 is a long par 4 with quite a wide fairway. Especially the shot towards the small green can be challenging. Starting from the narrow tee box, you’ll reach a slightly sloping fairway with little obstacles. Whoever goes over the green, will have a very challenging up & down.

HOLE 4 - PAR 4

Hole 4 is a short par 4 with a dogleg right. A good positioning of the tee shot for the second shot is an absolute must. The fairway might look wide at first sight, but nailing your position over here is very determinative for the second shot. Two beautiful oaks next to the fairway obstruct the shot to the green. Whoever can attack the flag the best, makes sure to stay in front of the flag. This green has more hillsides than most players think.

HOLE 5 - PAR 5

Hole 5 is the second par 5 of the South Course. A 90 degrees dogleg brings you from tee to green. Even though hole 5 is a relatively short hole, a long tee shot can be quite useful. Because of the bunker in the curve, the hole takes longer to complete as it might appear on the scorecard. For professional golf players this is an absolute birdie-hole!

HOLE 6 - PAR 4

For a successful drive on this long par 4, you’ll often need to deal with a tough headwind. The second shot to the far stretched green seems to be a true challenge for many golfers. Getting a par on this hole is a excellent score!

HOLE 7 - PAR 4

Hole 7 is a tough par 4 which got re-designed in 2014. The obstacles in the dogleg were adapted to improve the hole. For those who want to play towards the green in regulation, you can better hit a drive till the end of the curve.

HOLE 8 - PAR 4

Although hole 8 seems like a relatively easy par 4 because of its short length, its difficulty is often underestimated. A good score requires two (or three) well placed shots and a well thought-out plan. Try to place your tee shot absolutely center fairway, because even the slightest error will be punished by the round edges of the fairway. With the pin cut placed in the left back of the course, you don’t want to take any risks and aim for the centre of the green.

HOLE 9 - PAR 4

Hole 9 is a new but tough par to conclude the South Course. The green is extremely challenging. With its pin cut placed in the back of the green, it’s not without risk to attack the flag.

HOLE 10 - PAR 5

Hole 10 is a relatively simple par 5 without too many obstacles. For professional golf players often a true birdie-hole! Keep in mind there’s a small fairway on several places and the fact that the green is surrounded by water hazards. Ending up in the rough, or outside, will certainly get you into trouble.

HOLE 11 - PAR 4

Hole 11 is a challenging par 4, mainly because of the different obstacles on the course. A straight tee box shot is an absolute must! It’s advised to stay on the left of the right fairway bunker. The shot towards the green is being hampered by a tall tree behind this bunker. The green isn’t easy due to its many hillsides. This green is often underestimated!

HOLE 12 - PAR 3

A short but challenging par 3, without any bunkers. At first sight, this might look like a very simple hole, but the difficulty is mostly on the green. Different slopes and roughs on the sides indicate your short game better be on the verge of a good score! A great tee shot does miracles on this short par 3.

HOLE 13 - PAR 4

Hole 13 is a renewed par 4 with water hazards along both sides of the hole. Make sure you keep an eye on the descending fairway towards the water hazard located on the right side of the hole. A safer option is a firm drive towards the bunker, and get an open shot towards the green by doing so. With its pin cut positioned in the back of the green, make sure to hit to the centre of the green!

HOLE 14 - PAR 4

Hole 14 is a par 4 with a sharp right doglet. You’re advised to aim to the left with your tee shot, because the curve in the greenway is filled with a large water hazard and various bunkers. Whoever ends up on the wrong end of the green, will face a difficult two-putter. Getting a par is an excellent score here!

HOLE 15 - PAR 3

Hole 15 is a long par 5 spread over a beautiful wide plain. Depending on the wind strength, the optimal pick of golf club can vary a lot. Also, be aware of the bunkers placed on both sides of the course. Don’t be fooled by its length, with its pin cut placed in the back of the green, this par 3 is quite challenging to achieve!

HOLE 16 - PAR 4

Hole 16 is a short par 3 which gives plenty of chance to score. For those who manages to avoid the bunkers after the first shot, have a easy go towards the green. But be aware, don’t let yourself be fooled by the steep angle of the green, making it not the easiest green of the course.

HOLE 17 - PAR 5

Hole 17 is the longest par 5 of the North Course. This hole was renewed in 2016, with a lovely result. Anyone who wants to get towards the green in regulation, has to make three great shots. With quite a small green, a well planned approach is essential to score. Make sure to avoid the bunkers on the front right of the green!

HOLE 18 - PAR 4

Hole 18 is the longest par 4 of the North Course, as well as the finishing hole. Alongside the beautiful oaks located on the right of the fairway, you’ll reach a wide landing area after a long tee shot. However, the shot to the elevated green is not easy. Although it’s the final hole, defended by different bunkers, the shot to the elevated green is not easy and you have to remain focussed until the last shot. Anyone who makes a par here, should be very pleased!


Sint Jobsteenweg 120, 2970 Schilde

After a first proposal during the 70’s, Rinkven was finally established in 1981 with its course at its present site – a wonderfully peaceful area of natural “Kempense” fenland just 15 km outside the city of Antwerp. Rinkven is one of Belgium’s largest clubs today. A group of friends from the Jewish community was the driving force in forming the club and thus the inclusion of “International” in the name of the club, which is open to all, regardless of country, religion or colour.

Belgian golfer and golf coach Paul Rolin was responsible for the original design of the course, which over the years has expanded to the current 36-hole format. More recently, the well-known English architect Martin Hawtree has made significant amendments to bring the two courses up to modern championship standards.

The two courses are a mixture of woodland and parkland holes with water coming in play on several holes. A variety of teeing positions provide a serious challenge to players at all levels. The North Course – at 6091m par 72 – is the longer of the two courses while the South Course – 5966m par 71- has a greater variety of holes requiring the use of all clubs in the bag.

The club annually hosts major tournaments on its courses, both amateur (European Amateur Championships) and professional (Telenet European Challenge Tour) as well as other international events such as the Alps Tour and the ladies LETAS Tour on several of the last years. During such occasions, the members rally round as volunteers to make the events memorable for all concerned, with the result that Rinkven is regularly called upon for its facilities.

The club embarked in 2015 on a masterplan to rebuild its infrastructure and upgrade its courses. This plan has resulted in an impressive modern clubhouse, a practical caddy-house and wide-ranging practice facilities and a driving range. The golf course upgrade has largely been accomplished, however continued investment in further improvements are planned which will gradually be carried out during the off-seasons.

Extra adjustments are made to ensure that allow the sites to comply with the European Tour standards.