11 September 2017

The format

During the first two days of the tournament, both Thursday and Friday, the 144 players will play 36 holes in Stroke Play. Meaning, they will try to finish the course in as little as possible shots. 18 holes will be played every day, with a cut on Friday night.



Those who have steel nerves and an excellent set of golf skills, will more likely be one of the remaining 64 players after 36 holes played. Unfortunately, for the other 80 players, the tournament ends here.



Survived the cut? Job well done, because the real deal starts on Saturday. All remaining 64 players will be divided into two equal groups of 32 players. Via one to one duels in Stroke Play over 9 holes, the first group crosses the first group over de first 9 holes (Hole 1-9). The second group, will cross over the second 9 holes (Hole 10-18).


The losers of each match will immediately quit the tournament, and the winners continue to the next round. Round 1 starts with 64 players on Saturday morning. Round 2 will have 32 players left. And in round 3, another 16 players will compete with each other. On Saturday night, there will only be 8 players left for the final battle on Sunday.


Every 9-hole match will be played Stroke Play. The one with the least strikes after 9 holes, wins. And if there’s a draw? Then a play-off will decide who will place for the next round. Game on!