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How can I buy tickets for the Belgian Knockout 2019?
The tickets for the 2nd edition of the Belgian Knockout can be bought at the homepage of this website. Please do not buy tickets through another website since we cannot guarantee that these have been officially verified.
I can't find my tickets anymore. Where can I find them?
To receive your ticket, follow this link: https://consumer.paylogic.nl/tickets/. After you have entered your email address, all valid tickets that are registered at that email address will be resent.
Do you offer reduced price tickets?
Children under the age of 12 have free entrance (on display of ID card). Youth between the age of 12 and 18 only pay € 7 a day, on Thursday or Friday, and € 12 a day on Saturday or Sunday. Last but not least, we also offer youth tickets for the full 4 days, for € 22 only.
I’ve purchased a ticket for the Belgian Knockout on another website, is it legitimate?
If you bought tickets via another website, unfortunately the Belgian Knockout cannot guarantee that these tickets are official. These tickets may be more expensive and/or fraudulent, therefore we always advise that you buy tickets through our official website.
I can no longer attend. Can tickets be returned? If so, how?
We understand that there are often unavoidable circumstances which may affect your plans to join us at the event. That is why we offer ticket insurance (refund protection) for only €1.99. This will ensure you get a full refund at any given time after purchase. Please contact Paylogic if you want to cancel your ticket and get a refund. If you have not purchased insurance, you can sell your ticket on the Ticketswap website.