20 June 2018

Interview with BKO photographer Pascale Vandewalle

We are really glad that the first edition of the Belgian Knockout was captured in many beautiful pictures, which you can find on our new photo page.

But who took these? We would like to introduce you to Pascale Vandewalle (in the picture above, with Pieters and Detry) photographer, creator of GOLF ART and the woman behind the camera at BKO.



Hello Pascale, you took a lot of pictures at BKO. How many did you take in total?

I took around 600 photos every day; many of these images consisted of 8-12 sequences.


How many photos did you select eventually, for BKO?

About a hundred a day.


How many hours in total did you spend at the golf course, during BKO?

I was at the course about 8 hours each day, and in between and after, I was spending many hours on editing and processing photos.


What is the biggest challenge in your job?

I’m always looking for creativity in my pictures, but taking into account the possibly disturbing factors for players at this world class level, that’s a big challenge.


How did you start doing golf photography?

I was already working as a travel and golf reportage photographer. When I started playing golf myself, 15 years ago, my passion for both the sport and golf photography was born.


What is your favourite photo of BKO?

The photo of Thomas Pieters, with Adrian Otaegui, in which they’re posing in a really “out of the box” way, with the BKO trophy.


What was your favourite moment at BKO?

When Joost Luiten started filming one of his teammates’ swing, analysed it with the man and gave him a small golf lesson. You should have seen the guy beaming!


What happens to the many golf photos in your archive?

These are getting a new life in my contemporary GOLF PHOTO ART creations. These wall art designs are unique worldwide. At the moment, there is a nice selection in the beautiful clubhouse of Rinkven International Golf Club. If you want to know more about it, you can visit www.golf-art.be.


Have you won awards with your golf photography and GOLF PHOTO ART?

Definitely, yes! I was awarded as a finalist in the Worldwide Rolex Media Award, twice. Also, multiple GOLF PHOTO ART creations were selected for the World Photographic Cup, in the category of Digital Art.