10 April 2019

Volunteer of the week: Bart Van den Bussche

Name: Bart Van den Bussche

Age: 49 years old

Residence: Borsbeek

Club: AGS

Handicap: 22.3


For how long have you been playing golf?

I play golf since September 2015.


What do you like most about golf?

Being outside in a beautiful setting, preparing your next move and knowing what you can and can’t do. The euphoria that can prevail after a good strike is sometimes indescribable.


How did you end up at BKO and why did you want to cooperate?

I love to help people. I played basketball before and I know how many volunteers you need in order to run a club. That’s why I signed up as a volunteer in my club AGS. For example, I am a member of the sports committee, a Rabbits captain and I am an active member of the marshal working at AGS. Last year I registered as a volunteer for the BKO2018 via the link on i-golf.

An event like this can only succeed with motivated, enthusiastic employees and volunteers.

Since BKO has an international reputation, I definitely wanted to be part of this!


Last year you were part of the BKO-family, How was your experience? Do you think it was a successful event?

Fantastic. There were a lot of people we had never seen before, however we got along immediately because we all shared the same passion: golf. Among the volunteers there was a strong group spirit. Everyone wanted to help wherever possible. The nice get-togethers at the start and end of the day were great. I think the event was fantastic. That’s why I immediately signed up for this years edition as well.


What were your main duties during BKO18?

Last year I was hole marshal for 4 days, however during some free shifts I started volunteering for other tasks as well. That is why I also had the chance to do the following tasks: carry board, walking score and walking marshal.


What is your most beautiful memory from last year?

The approachability of top golf players and the gathering of all volunteers on hole 18 with the BKO18 champion Adrian Otaegi.


Who was your favorite player at BKO18 and who would you like to see at BKO19?

Obviously first of all I was supporting all Belgians. Last edition I also did the walking score for Aron Rai. A real example pro: friendly and respectful towards us. He also came to thank us after his flight. A really great man!!

Who I definitely would like to see at BKO19 are ofcourse Thomas Pieters, Thomas Detry, Nicolas Colsaerts and certainly Aron Rai as well. It would also be nice to see another European top player from the Ryder Cup.


Did you enjoy it yourself and what made you come back this year?

Absolutely! I didn’t hesitate for one moment and immediately took 4 days of vacation leave on the job. The feeling of unity and excellent organisation made me take this decision.


Would you recommend it to others to become a volunteer at BKO and why?

Of course, and that’s what we did in our club. The response from the AGS volunteers is therefore large.


What makes BKO unique according to you?

The atmophere, the employees, the beautiful location on Rinkven and certainly the game formula.


What are you looking forward to the most during BKO19?

I’m looking forward tot he great atmosphere at the event, both with the public and the volunteers. I also hope for a win from one of our Belgian players.