23 April 2019

Volunteer of the week: Stefan Cramers

Name: Stefan Cramers

10 April 2019

Volunteer of the week: Bart Van den Bussche

Name: Bart Van den Bussche

22 November 2018

€ 8,000 to the Warmste Week!

Thomas Pieters gladly contributes to Music For Life during a week-long charity event. He auctioned off a private one-hour golf lesson for 5 people during the Belgian Knockout 2018, all for the benefit of Kinderkankerfonds.

20 June 2018

Interview with BKO photographer Pascale Vandewalle

Love the pictures on our photo page? We'll introduce you to the woman behind the camera at the Belgian Knockout: Pascale Vandewalle.

14 September 2017

A brief history lesson

The Belgium Open started in the year 1910 and was played on the Royal Golf club of Belgium over 36 holes. Not until the year 1928 the format extended to 72 holes.

11 September 2017

The format

The Belgium Knockout introduces an innovating and exiting game formula. During the first two days of the tournament, both Thursday May 17 and Friday May 18, the 144 players will play 36 holes in Stroke Play.

16 April 2019

Volunteer of the week: Christophe Dejongh

Name: Christophe Dejongh

8 February 2019

Club Knockout – FAQ

On June 1&2, during the European Tour’s Belgian Knockout at the Antwerp International Golf Club Rinkven 60 amateur finalists will compete to win the Belgian Club Knockout.

29 August 2018

We are looking for mighty interns… Do you have what it takes?

Ready for some hands-on work in various projects? We are excited to announce that we are looking for motivated students to help kick off BKO 2019.

7 May 2018

BKO x WAMP Leaderboard

There are less than two weeks left before the start of the very first edition of the Belgian Knockout (BKO). BKO is taking place at Rinkven International Golf Club, close to Antwerp. Starting May 17th there will be a four day battle till May 20th. The new head-to-head knockout format will increase the spectacle for players and visitors.

14 September 2017

BKO official video

Did you see the official video of the Belgian Knockout 2018? Are you ready for the battle? Because we are...