Visitors Information

For an offline view, you can download our BKO info sheet.


Rinkven International Golf Club


The usual parking/entrance of Rinkven International Golf Club is not accessible to the public. The main entrance for visitors is next to P3.


Follow P3 Public Parking

Address: Bethaniëlei 58, 2960 Brecht

Bicycle parking is free!

Buses and bus parking

Due to the fragile ground, only passenger cars are allowed on the parking. There is a Kiss&Ride foreseen in a side street of the Bethaniëlei, where visitors can hop off the bus. Afterwards, it is only a 10-minute walk to the main entrance. Follow the address Ringven 1 when you go by foot. There are several paved parkings in the area where buses can park themselves, for example the Park&Ride in Sint Job.

Important Information

The event is cashless. Meaning that you can only pay by debit/credit card in the Village, on the golf course, at the foodtrucks and bars.  

Opening hours

Download: info sheet.