16 April 2019

Volunteer of the week: Christophe Dejongh

Name: Christophe Dejongh

Age: 43 years old

Residence: Beveren

Club: Golf Puyenbroeck

Handicap: 21.6


What do you do in your daily life?

I am a store manager in an Exellent computer store / Telenet-Center (Blue Sky Computing)

For how long have you been playing golf?

I started playing golf by the end of 2012 and obtained my GVB in May 2013.

What do you like most about golf?

The atmosphere, the addiction to the game. Every round is different, with different people in different situations. The social aspect is an important part of golf for me.

How did you end up at BKO and why did you want to contribute to this event?

Last year, Golf Puyenbroeck asked me if I wanted to take on the responsibility and become part of the BKO story. I took this opportunity with both hands, even though I felt a little anxious. Afterwards, we can say that it became a success story!

Last year you also were part of the BKO-family. How was your experience and do you think it was a successful event?

In one word it was “amazing”! The atmosphere, the feeling of unity, … But do not underestimate the cold mornings and long days.

What were your main duties during BKO18?

As responsible for Hole 6, I tried to manage our hole to the best of my ability. Making sure that all volunteers were standing in the right position, at the right time. But also trying to keep the amazing atmosphere around the hole (this is something that every volunteer did and they all managed to keep the enthusiasm high together with the surrounding crowd).

What is your most beautiful memory from last year?

De feeling of unity from the “red army” of volunteers – the atmosphere was amazing!

Who was your favorite player of BKO18 and who would you like to see at BKO19?

Last year Nicolas Colsaerts did great, I witnessed his eagle on a PAR4. He landed near the flag after a drive of almost 300m. This is something, that as an amateur, puts you back with two feet on the ground. You start to comprehend the skills and accomplishments of these professionals.

What made you return as volunteer this year?

Even though we were all exhausted after the tournament, there were a lot of volunteers who came to me asking if they could participate again this year. Their enthusiasm immediately convinced me to take on the responsibility of hole captain for another year. We are already looking forward to it, as this year we take charge of a PAR5

Would you recommend it to others to become a BKO volunteer and why?

Yes, of course! You’re able to watch the absolute top of European golfers! The atmosphere amongst the volunteers is fantastic and the feeling of unity is also very favourable for our own golf club. Everybody kept on talking about it for weeks!

What makes BKO unique according to you?

The formula, 1 little mistake and it can be over! Unrelentingly and therefore very exciting. Every player is playing on the edge, sometimes they win, sometimes they lose… The excitement that comes with it makes it, both for the players and the audience, a unique event.

What are you looking forward to the most at BKO19?

The players’ list! Thanks to BKO18 I got to know many new players. I started following the European Tour closely. I think that when BKO19 starts I will know a lot more professional players by name, therefore I will be even more excited to see them play in real life.