6 May 2019

Volunteer of the week: Marc De Ron

Name: Marc De Ron

Age: 66 years old

Residence: Mechelen

Club: Royal Keerbergen Golf Club

Handicap: 12.8


What do you do in your daily life?

I am retired.

Since when do you play golf?

Since 2000.

What do you like most about golf?

It’s a game that is fun at every level and it will always be a challenge, no matter what level you get to. Also, fair play and social contact are important to me. Golf can be played at any age and you will find the most beautiful spots in a natural environment.

How did you end up at BKO and why did you want to contribute to this event?

I am part of the senior comity at RKGC and I like to organize things. In the past, I have been very active in tennis and operated as match organiser of tournaments. When I saw that BKO was looking for volunteers I did not hesitate to register myself.

Last year you also were part of the BKO-family. How was your experience and do you think it was a successful event?

It was a nice experience and as it was the first time, they did really well. I like the formula as it gives the players who performed less in the 1st two rounds the chance to catch up later on.

What were your main duties during BKO18?

I was responsible for the score board at hole 18.

What is your most beautiful memory BKO18?

The whole event was just excellent.

Who was your favorite player of BKO18 and who would you like to see at BKO19?

I am a big fan of our Belgian golfers. I hope to see all 3 of them in the Knockout-phase this year.

Did you enjoy it and what made you come back this year?

Of course, I enjoyed it. It is nice to see everything up close. It also gives me the opportunity to learn new things in regards to the organization of the National Criterium for seniors at RKGC.

Would you recommend it to others to become a volunteer at BKO and why?

Definitely. You have to experience it, it’s an indescribable feeling.

What is your most memorable golf experience?

My most beautiful golf experience will always be “the interclub” and being H4 champion for the first time…even though that was 15 years ago. The prettiest course in Belgium is Ravenstein and the prettiest one abroad (from the ones I have played) is Vale de Lobo Ocean Course in Portugal.

What are you looking forward to the most at BKO19?

I hope that one of our Belgians wins. Preferably Thomas Pieters playing the final against Thomas Detry or Nicolas Colsaerts.