28 May 2019

Volunteer of the week: Nienke Vink

Name: Nienke Vink

Age: 39 years old

Residence: Oud-Turnhout

Club: Lilse Golf

Handicap: 17.2


What do you do in your daily life?

I’m the owner of the Lilse Golf. This is my full-time job.

Since when do you play golf?

I’ve been playing golf for 10 years now.

What do you like most about golf?

My whole life is all about golf, I play every day. The nice thing about golf is that you keep challenging yourself. Another important part for me is that you get to play in the most beautiful places and can be accompanied by friends.

How did you end up at BKO and why did you want to contribute to this event?

I was approached directly by Ben Ooms of Rinkven. He asked me whether I wanted to become Hole Captain of Hole 1.

Last year you also were part of the BKO-family. What was your experience and did you think it was a successful event?

I certainly thought it was a successful event, you meet so many people and everyone shares the same passion. The first edition was already well organized, and this will surely grow in the future!

What were your main duties during BKO18?

I was Hole Captain of Hole 1. Together with Frederik Van Hove, a pro at our club, I oversaw the team of Lilse Golf.

What is your most beautiful memory from BKO18?

Taking care of our hole with the team but also experiencing the atmosphere with the official starter at the teebox. Also, during our time off, we could follow our favourite players which was delightful.

Who was your favourite player at BKO18 and who would you like to see at BKO19?

This is where I have to bring out my Dutch Roots…Joost Luiten.
I would also like to see Joost Luiten at BKO19!

Did you enjoy it and what made you come back this year?

The unity between the different golf federations last year was nice to see. Golf Flanders and the Royal Belgian Golf Federation together in the bouncy castle… it says it all!

Would you recommend it to others to become a BKO volunteer and why?

It is a unique experience to be that close to a big event and to be so much involved. We have 9 holes at Lilse Golf, a real family club and BKO is a bit of a bigger version of that. We all form a beautiful unity, especially the volunteers!

What is your most memorable golf experience?

On the Cape Verde Islands, I played golf at St. Vincent Golf Club. The greens are dark brown rather than green, yet people have just as much fun. It was fun but also a very strange golf experience.

What are you looking forward to the most at BKO19?

The teamwork with Lilse is something that I am very much looking forward to, and of course the Club Knockouts!