General terms of sales

By purchasing an entry ticket and presence at the terrains, you will agree with the general terms and conditions of sales and the internal regulations of the Belgian Knockout 2018.


  • The organization of the Belgian Knockout is not responsible for any kind of cancellation, putting on hold or stopping the tournament. Repayment of the ticket costs, in case the event (for any kind of reason) will not take place, is not obligatory for the organization.
  • The organization of the Belgian Knockout has the right to change the program at any moment (e.g. starting time).
  • With your presence at the terrains of Antwerp International Golf & Country Club Rinkven, during the event, you will agree with the regulations.
  • For more information or contact details, you can go to:

Purchase entry ticket

  • The general terms and conditions of Paylogic are, except other terms and conditions in this document, integrally applied to the sales of all tickets.
  • The agreement of the organization and visitor and thus the full acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sales is established by completing the process of purchasing a ticket on the website. An email with the e-ticket (including a barcode that provides access to the event) is sent, directly after completion.
  • The organization is not responsible if incorrect data is filled in, in the purchasing process.
  • The completion of the purchasing process is definitive and irrevocable. In case you bought a ticket for the wrong day, you can swap it through the Paylogic Customer Service. When you buy a ticket for the correct day and send proof of the purchase to the Paylogic Customer Service, the previous (wrong) order will be repaid on your costs. With this, you will recuperate (almost) the entire costs of the wrong order.
  • The visitor is responsible for keeping the barcode safe. Every barcode can only be scanned once.
  • Reselling or passing along an entry ticket is allowed, in case this happens not willing to make a profit and/or for commercial purposes. The terms and conditions of sales are applied unabbreviated in all cases of reselling and passing along an entry ticket.
  • Entry tickets can not be used for business or other commercial purposes.

Limitation liability

  • The organization of the Belgian Knockout is not responsible for damage that is done to you during the event.
  • The liability of the organization of the Belgian Knockout for the damage that is caused by not living up to the general terms and conditions of sales is limited to the total amount of money that you paid to the entry tickets, except in case it is done on purpose or[...]
  • You will guarantee the organization of the Belgian Knockout for the the financial loss as a result of not living up to one or more statements in the general terms and conditions of sales.

Regulation Belgian Knockout 2018

  • Access control - At the access control it is possible that you will be checked and clothing and/or bags will be searched, to guarantee the safety of the visitors and players. In case of irregularities, access to the event can be denied or forbidden objects can be taken. The organization has the rights - without providing any reason - to deny the access of some visitors, in case this is needed, without any rights of repayment.
  • Ticket - Visitors are asked to show their ticket at the access control. Visitors also are to be able to show their entry ticket at any time during the event, if asked by a staff member.
  • Ticket youth - Young people with a youth ticket (for the age of 12-18) can be asked to show their identity card.
  • Forbidden objects - Forbidden objects are:
    • Weapons or sharp objects;
    • Glasses and hard bottles;
    • Fireworks;
    • Drugs;
    • Pets (except for guide dogs);
    • Professional sound- and video equipment (except if allowed in advance);
    • All objects that could violate the safety of the visitors and players.
  • Alcoholic drinks - According to Belgian law, no alcoholic drinks are served to people under 16 years old (in case of strong liquors: 18 years old). Consummation of alcoholic drinks by these people is not allowed either. At any moment, staff members can oblige you to legitimize, to verify your age. In case of infringement or denial of legitimization, the organization can deny your access to the event.
  • Drunkenness - In case of drunkenness or being under influence of drugs, access to the event will also be denied.
  • Promotion materials - Only in case of approval in advance, by the organization of the Belgian Knockout, it is allowed to promote on and around the terrain. Also the sales of any goods, without permission of the organization of the Belgian Knockout, is strictly forbidden.
  • Instructions - Visitors must, at all times, strictly follow the signage, (warning) signs and the instructions of staff member, in order to guarantee a fluent process at the Belgian Knockout. In case of ignoring these instructions or other undesirable behaviour that will disturb the public order of the event, the access to the terrains can be denied.
  • Terrain - Spectators can only go to the public areas. Spectators are not allowed to access other parts of the golf course at any time. Neither is it allowed to obstruct hallways, staircases or crossing points. A fast flow of the spectators is to be guaranteed.
  • Violation - In case of violation of Belgian law, you can be handed over to the police at any moment.
  • Liability organization - The organization of the Belgian Knockout is by no means liable for damage done by visitors (theft, damage to visitors’ properties, etc.). Entering the terrains is at the visitor’s own risk.
  • Undesirable behaviour and liability visitor - Spectators ought to be aware of the event’s nature. The fluent flow of the event cannot be disturbed at any time, by, for example, loud or provocative behaviour, throwing objects or accessing the golf terrain. Parents of young children also are to take into account the circumstances (e.g. the size of the terrain, amount of people who are present, the relief of the terrain, etc.) In case a visitor is disturbing the event or doing damage in any way, that person will be accounted for this.
  • Public urination - Sanitary facilities are available at and around the event. It is not allowed, as stated in Belgian law, to urinate in public.
  • Wheelchair users - Everything needed will be done to guarantee accessibility for wheelchair users as far as possible.
  • Attendants - Incapacitated people are to be accompanied by an attendant, who will responsible for these people.

Regulations Pro-Am / Beat The Pro Belgian Knockout 2018

  • The organization has the rights to reject participance in the Pro-Am and Beat The Pro, at any moment, without providing a reason.
  • All amateur golfers should have an acceptable handicap (max 24) to participate in the Pro-Am and Beat The Pro competition!
  • Handicaps will be verified in advance.


  • In order to make use of parking lots of the Belgian Knockout, you ought to be in possession of a valid parking ticket.
  • Parking is only allowed at the reserved places. In case a vehicle is parked incorrectly, or blocking other cars from driving in or out, the organization has the rights to move the vehicle.
  • The guidelines of the parking attendants are to be followed at any moment.
  • The parking areas are - in the best way possible - to be left in the same conditions as at the beginning of the day. Leaving behind trash or other objects is strictly forbidden.
  • In case you do not own a parking ticket, your car is to be parked alongside the public road, corresponding the law. Any kind of nuisance to neighbouring residents is not tolerated. The organization cannot guarantee parking spots alongside the public road. Because of the many visitors, it is recommended to buy a parking ticket.
  • Neither the organization or the owner of the parking area can be held liable for any damage or theft of vehicles.