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Guy van Holderbeke (52) – volunteer Golf Puyenbroeck, hosting hole 6.

6 maanden geleden
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Hello Guy, tell us a little bit more about yourself. Who are you, where are you from and which club are you member of?

My name is Guy van Holderbeke. In July, I will be 53 years young! 🙂 My home town is Ghent and my home club is Golf Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke, probably one of the most beautiful and defiant full 9 holes in Flanders.


What do you do in your day-to-day life?

I’m very lucky cause I’m working as Export Manager for Hamlet, one of the biggest producers of Belgian Chocolate pralines and hollow chocolate figures. I’m often traveling the world visiting customers or participating at exhibition. Like beer, Belgium ‘s got also a very good reputation in Chocolates which makes it easy to sell our Belgian pralines.


For how long have you been playing golf and what’s your current handicap?

This year, I will start my 6th season playing on a regular base. I try to play at least twice a week, mostly on the weekend. My handicap is 13,9 and my ambition this year would be around 12.


What do you like most about golf?

So much; everything! During the week, I already look forward to the weekend, when I play golf with my friends, followed by a good cup of coffee or ‘Apéro’ – depending on the time we finish playing. Personally, I prefer to play early; nature can be so beautiful in the morning! It is pure enjoyment of peace and nature, while still being active in walking and playing the game. Don’t forget the mental training it requires as well.

It’s a moment in which you can clear your head of all small and big worries, when you only battle against that ball and try to make it your friend. Fantastic! We always make a friendly competition with friends to stay sharp, which is a good training for upcoming matches.

What I think is fantastic about golf is the social side of the sport, you register in a flight and always get to know new people or you go looking for new challenges by occasionally moving to a different area. From easy to very challenging.

In golf, there is something for everyone; both the competitive player and the relaxed Sunday player can enjoy golf in their own way. You can be a starting golfer or advanced, it does not matter you can play together, whatever your level, without being a problem for each other.


What is your most beautiful golf experience or course that you played at?

That is a difficult question! I certainly have not played all the golf courses that exist in Belgium but we have so many beautiful courses and each of them has its own beauty. Either because it is surrounded by beautiful nature, or it’s a magnificent park, where you can enjoy great views on the sea; sometimes it is a fantastic experience, because the terrain can be challenging and requests a lot of skills.

With Puyenbroeck, we play outdoors, at least 11 times every year. When we played in Rinkven last year, it left a huge impression on us. It is located in a beautiful piece of nature, the terrain is really varied and challenging. They also have a new clubhouse and to me, it is of the most beautiful clubs that I have ever visited in Belgium.


How did you end up with BKO and why did you want to cooperate?

Yes, I am also one of those golf amateurs who regularly follows all big tournaments on the golf channels and when I heard that one of the European Tour competitions was going to be organized in Belgium and volunteers were needed, I immediately applied. I was not surprised when I heard that more than 35 candidates had registered for Puyenbroeck, within the shortest time! We are a very social club, it is a mix of all kinds of people and that makes it great. All our members have a good heart and like to commit themselves to their hobby!

Since I started playing at Puyenbroeck, I have always wanted to be involved in club events (Puyenbroeck Ryder Cup, Puyenbroeck 10th anniversary, Interclub competitions, etc.). As a result of my commitment, I recently became chairman of Puyenbroeck’s sports committee. Golf is not only a hobby but also a passion; sometimes you cannot explain to people how much this beautiful sport can affect you.

I did not want to miss this big event, and this was my chance to be part of such a professional competition, instead of watching from my seat at home!


Who is your favourite player and why?

I’m quite chauvinistic, so I’m fan of all our Belgian players – with a small preference for Thomas Pieters. He has something fragile when you watch him play. When I look at Thomas’ career and what he has achieved so far, on multiple large and illustrious tournaments, while he is still young, it makes me feel proud! It’s almost as if I stand there myself.


What are you looking forward to the most during the event?

To watch professional top players play at Rinkven, in real life, and to see many golf amateurs enjoying this unique event.


What makes BKO unique, according to you?

They have found such an unique game formula for this BKO event, which, I think, is a nice change in playing the game for the players within their normal program. For the audience that can follow this event, it will undoubtedly bring exciting moments from the start till the bitter end.


Why should everybody go to BKO?

For every golf enthusiast, regardless of their handicap, it is a chance to experience a top event on Belgian soil, to feel the adrenaline vibrating through his body at every stroke, watching the perfect swings and then  follow the ball great amazement, to see it landing at unseen distances or just next to the flag! Also, for anyone who is not yet familiar with golf, to get acquainted with this sport, to come to support our Belgian players and to see ball magicians from all over the world. Artists who use their talents to get this minuscule ball, over sometimes distance of more than 500 m in only a few strokes, falling in a hole of less than 10 cm diameter, every single time!


The organization for volunteers for the Belgian Knockout is organized and coordinated by Golf Vlaanderen, in close liaison with Rinkven International Golf Club & PietersProductions. Besides the organization for volunteers, Golf Vlaanderen will commit to the promotion of the Belgian Knockout, to enthuse as many non-golfers as possible, for golf and the event.